Easy weight Loss Tips For Makeup Artists! Stay #PlantStrong with health coach Melissa Hanson

Weight Loss Tips For Makeup Artists

As a makeup artist, you’re on your feet for endless hours dealing with brides, actors, and models who can, at times, be less than pleasant. How do you stay calm, cool, and collected? One thing that can not under any circumstances be neglected is your nutrition. Having your blood sugar in check is crucial if you’re going to hold it together on set.


Here are five tips that will help you do so.

Pack your smoothies.

This is the simplest and quickest way to get your nutrition in. Bonus? You won’t be breathing your lunchtime garlic breath into the client’s face.


Use one drop of doTERRA peppermint essential oil as breath freshener.

This will replace chemical-ridden mints and gum that are proven to pack on unwanted pounds.


Pack four 32 ounce mason jars of water.

This equals a gallon, and dehydration is at the root of most mood swings.


Keep simple snacks near by.

Avocados, apples, bananas, cucumbers, and mixed nuts. All of these are the original fast foods in perfect packaging. This way you will have willpower to avoid the buffet onset.


Switch to hot cacao in the morning instead of the usual I.V. tap of coffee you typically deplete your body with.

Cacao is loaded with vitamins and minerals we need for sustainable energy to keep us on top of our game. You can find an easy recipe for this on my blog at HansonsKitchen.com


For tips on simple recipes, detox programs, and other simple health hacks, head to my instagram Melissa_Hanson or my website HansonsKitchen.com


Keep on making the world beautiful, you gorgeous artists!


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