Rupert Simon's review of Matte To The Max

Rupert is the man who made the top stars look stunning on screen in movies such as The Titanic, Star Wars,Pride & Prejudice, The Young Victoria and the list goes on...

"The Matte To The Max formula is something I've never seen before, it's amazing, once it's on it stays, does not move, bleed, fade in color.
It has so many uses, kissing is always a problem on set, the lipstick smudges transfers onto the actor, then I have to clean the lipstick off both of them and re apply which takes time, with this formula liquid lipstick they can smooch as much as they like it's not going anywhere and the set is not held up.
Also this lipstick is great for underwater, in water, when you have an actor in water the lipstick breaks down after a while, this lipstick doesn't move with cleanser, it's fantastic, be very protective of the formula others will try to copy it.
This formula is a revolution in lipstick!!" - Rupert Simon