• The Malibu Sunset Collection

    "Juicy Lips Are Always In!" Especially creamy ones that have a delicious fragrance. The lipstick collection has four beautiful shades that are packed with pigment for long lasting wear.  As the dusk and waves draw in the Malibu sunset appears presenting the most beautiful pinks on earth. You see... View Post
  • Easy weight Loss Tips For Makeup Artists! Stay #PlantStrong with health coach Melissa Hanson

    Weight Loss Tips For Makeup Artists

    As a makeup artist, you’re on your feet for endless hours dealing with brides, actors, and models who can, at times, be less than pleasant. How do you stay calm, cool, and collected? One thing that can not under any circumstances be neglected is your nutrition. Having your blood sugar in check is crucial if you’re going to hold it together on set.


    Here are five tips that will help you do so...

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  • NEW VEGAN MASCARA LAUNCH! #MAJOR "My lash game has changed forever!"


    luscious length and incredible definition are now just a swipe away as the extreme My Fair Lashes Mascara by cult beauty brand, Velvet 59 launches with its new 100% vegan formula...

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